Improve Part Quality and Reduce Costs with Machining Modeling

Third Wave Systems, Inc.
The Sophisticated Manufacturer’s Guide
    CNC machining is a highly competitive business. Companies compete on razor-thin margins to deliver the most effective product to their customers. In this competitive environment, it is critical to ensure that you have the most efficient machining process running. This is particularly true in the current business cycle, where the most competitive of the companies will survive. An efficient machining process needs to strike a balance between part quality, tool life and cycle time.

    Use this guide to understand the four key imperatives every machining powerhouse needs to undertake:
    • Getting it First-Time Right
    • Running on Target
    • Reducing Trial and Error
    • Using the Current Business Environment to Prepare your Team

    Learn how to make machining modeling the core value driver for your production floor. The guide outlines a Three Level Framework with actual data and results from manufacturers utilizing machining modeling. By analyzing and optimizing the machining process, manufacturers see improved predictability in their machining processes, improved part quality, and reduction in cutting tool expenditure, and capital expenses.

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