Monitoring Machine Health Remotely

ADLINK Technology


Date: Thursday, May 28, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

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As leaders in Edge Computing, ADLINK has provided the missing link to many connected factory projects for over 20 years- yes, before “IoT” was a buzzword- so we’ve seen some things. While sensors and clouds are important, the value of connectivity actually starts at the “edge” where machine data is actually produced. We give manufacturers the special ability to connect, stream, and control machine information regardless of brand, sensor protocol, or data type- quickly, securely, and even remotely. In this webinar, we’re going to talk specifically about how to make monitoring equipment health on the manufacturing floor easier. Some topics we’ll cover:

  • Remote Working: making things easy with real-time information between machine to machine, machine to human and machine to cloud
  • Automation Examples: remote monitoring, start-up analysis, and automated shutdown within CNC machines, bottle manufacturing, diesel generators, gas turbines and racing engines
  • Machine Data & Analytics 101: recording, capturing and streaming measurement data at the edge (brownfield and greenfield machinery)

At ADLINK we are vendor agnostic and a manufacturer ourselves so we know what monitoring machinery, unexpected machinery failures, and unplanned downtime can do to workloads, operations, costs, and safety.


Daniel Collins
IoT Director Americas
ADLINK Technology

Daniel Collins has helped many clients operationalize their fulfillment centers, manufacturing plants and logistics for more than 14 years in the tech industry. Published in Packaging Digest, RFID Journal, Enterprise IoT Insights and more, Daniel is a sought after thought leader on AI, Machine Vision and Edge Computing. Daniel currently serves as the Senior Director of IoT for ADLINK Technology in the Americas.