How AI is Being Used to Intelligently Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing



    In this on-demand webinar, Augmentir will discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in manufacturing to address the growing skills gap problem. The skills gap problem, combined with a tight labor market, is creating increased challenges for industrial companies of all sizes.

    To address this issue, companies are turning to AI to help their frontline workforce perform at peak quality, efficiency, and safety. In this session, Augmentir will share real examples of manufacturing companies that are using AI to provide personalized work instructions and targeted training based on worker proficiency, while also capturing and sharing knowledge of senior subject matter experts – turning undocumented tribal knowledge into a corporate asset.


    Russ Fadel
    CEO & Co-Founder

    Russ Fadel is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of Augmentir. Prior to founding Augmentir, Russ founded 4 successful companies in the industrial software sector, including the two most recent – ThingWorx, the leading Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform company (acquired by PTC), and Lighthammer, the pioneer in enterprise manufacturing intelligence software (acquired by SAP). Russ has been intimately involved in the last three software revolutions around humans and machines in manufacturing and service. Augmentir is a continuation of this theme.

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