CAD part to Robot programming made simple, Additive with Robots


Date: Thursday, April 19, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

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Robotics, once considered the disruptor in manufacturing are now becoming an indispensable tool in today's manufacturing industries due to their speed, accuracy, and their ability to work in hostile environments. Additive manufacturing (AM) is now disrupting the traditional way of manufacturing transforming everything from design to assembly. Imagine the “power couple” they can become when combined.

In this webinar we’ll review features in Autodesk PowerMill, that combines subtractive and additive using robots, demonstrating how these tools can help you get more from your equipment. We’ll also explore how these tools can reduce the time needed to prepare parts and streamline robotic manufacturing processes.

Some of the things covered in the webinar will be:

  • PowerMill Robot (from toolpath to robot program)
  • What is supported in PowerMill Robot
  • Robot specific tools inside PowerMill
  • Industrial robot applications using PowerMill Robot
  • Case study - additive with PowerMill Robo

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Alexandre Pinto
MSC Computational & Software Techniques in Engineering
Cranfield University UK
Alex has been programming robots since 2009 as an International Engineer with Delcam. In 2014, Alex joined Autodesk as a Product Specialist for PowerMill Robot with the Delcam acquisition. Before programming robots Alex worked in various industries with leading companies on a variety of projects ranging from acoustics engineering with Hush Houses, test cells of turboprop engines for Rolls-Royce to design and manufacture of metallic components and tooling for clients of Protosys, Industrial Prototypes Lda.