Interactive eBook: Smart Manufacturing for Job Shops

Your production has something to say. Are you listening? Every day, innumerable data points are generated across your job shop. Individually they may be interesting at best, but when you connect the dots, an actionable, comprehensive story comes together. Smart manufacturing helps you gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions by enabling the machines in your shop to talk to you and to each other. Data – from sensors, production machines, design and manufacturing software, other facilities, customers and vendors, and from parts as they move through production – paired with connectivity is the key to thriving a rapidly changing industry.

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Explore the eBook and see smart manufacturing put into perspective for job shops. We'll take a look at the high-level business case so you can know what to expect. We'll also cover:

  • Common challenges encountered by job shops that smart manufacturing directly addresses
  • The value of smart manufacturing and how it helps job shops gain lasting competitive advantage
  • Implementation options for bringing smart manufacturing to your job shop

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