In-Process Measurement: How to Choose the Right Device to Maximize Productivity

Blum-Novotest, Inc.
    In-process measurement has become an integral element of CNC machining in the last 30 years. In-process measurement helps to ensure you produce the right part the first time. This is because the process allows parts to remain inside the CNC without disrupting the machine setup while inspection is being conducted. The measurement device is connected directly to the machine control, therefore data feedback can be analyzed and then displayed via the machine’s interface. Rework is possible by compensation of the tool wear or workpiece origin based on the measurement analysis.

    Utilizing in-process measurement can help to increase productivity by improving part accuracy the first time and reducing scrap from rejects, all with minimal or no operator intervention. In addition, in-process measurement collects important data that can be used to provide insight to better understand and improve the manufacturing process.

    How can you choose the right measuring device for your unique application?
    Depending on your application, material and tolerance requirements, there are many factors to consider before selecting a measurement device to best fit your needs. This whitepaper will walk you through what types of measurement devices exist along with their individual features and benefits.
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