A Blueprint for Intelligent Asset Performance

Getting Maximum Performance and Reliability from Complex Machines

Industrial equipment – big, heavy machinery – is complex and expensive. It’s expensive to manufacture, warranty, repair, and maintain. No matter how well-engineered or durable, the reality is it still breaks, it fails, and sometimes it just plain stops working. What it doesn’t do is go from perfect working order to complete failure all at once. It goes through several stages of sub-optimal performance before a complete breakdown.

Identifying and describing the states between new and failure is the secret to achieving maximum effectiveness and reliability from complex industrial equipment.

Download A Blueprint for Intelligent Asset Performance to learn:
  • Why using a state model is the best way to gain insight into complex equipment
  • What you need to do to develop machine-specific state models as part of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiative
  • How this approach will deliver immediate and long-term business benefit by allowing your organization to foresee equipment failures and repair them faster and more accurately