Deciphering the Many Types of NC Program "Optimization"


Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

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This webinar will provide an analytic overview of the different types, with special focus on which optimization techniques are best suited for different materials or machining processes. It will also introduce attendees to a new physics-based optimization method that determines the maximum reliable feed rate for a given cutting condition based on the following four factors: force on the cutter, spindle power, maximum chip thickness, and maximum allowable feed rate.


Mike McDonald
Technical Support Engineer

Mr. McDonald has been with CGTech as a Technical Support Engineer for VERICUT software since 2008. He has more than 35 years of manufacturing experience. His professional career began at Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank, CA working as a machinist. He started there as a drill press operator and worked up the ladder to become an NC Machinist. He then took programming classes to become a CNC Programmer. His time at Lockheed was in the Commercial Aircraft side as well as in Skunk Works. Mr. McDonald left Lockheed in the early 90s and started an Engineering and Programming business. He has since continued to work in the Aerospace Industry directly and as a self-employed contract programmer. In Mr. McDonald’s role as Technical Support Engineer for CGTech, he designs many general-purpose and customized training courses, supplies technical support to end-user customers, and provides manufacturing consulting services to numerous companies in virtually every industry.