Learn How To Complement CNC Production With 3D Printing

    CNC is a subtractive manufacturing technology typically used in industries such as aerospace or automotive engineering and machinery/equipment manufacturing. It is well-suited for low-volume part manufacturing in a variety of materials, including metals and plastics. Accuracy is one of its main advantages–machined parts can be produced with tolerances of up to up to +/-0.025mm, which cannot be achieved with injection molding, for example.

    However, some geometries–for example, internal corners with small radii, cavities with complex geometries and undercuts or thin walls–can be difficult or sometimes impossible to manufacture with CNC.

    Learn how 3D printing can complement and enhance CNC machining and production workflows by enabling:
    • Design freedom and weight reduction
    • Assembly consolidation
    • Cost
    • Productivity & time
    • Inventory Reduction
    • Waste Material
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