Connected Worker: IoT's Critical Role in Shop Floor Improvements


Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

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David R. Brousell
Co-Founder, Global Vice President, and Editorial Director Manufacturing Leadership Council

Rama Karamsetty
Product Manager
Intel IOTG’s Industrial Solutions Division

Rama Karamsetty is a Product Manager in Intel IOTG’s Industrial Solutions Division. Rama joined Intel in 2001, and has held business segment leader, segment marketing, strategic planning, technical marketing, and custom circuit/analog design roles within the IoT Group and Wireless Communications Group. Rama is currently the Product Manager for Smart Buildings and Connected Worker Solutions.

David P. Rice
Rice Electronics

David is the second generation specializing in system integration of exproof cameras, marine electronics and energy related communication equipment. David offers 39 years experience of viewing operation solutions from an owners perspective.

Free Webinar!

Join us for a lively roundtable discussion with Intel, Arrow Electronics, MobileTrack, and Rice Electronics. They will be highlighting the results from an extensive study and describe several use cases in which the Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution* can help increase worker safety and productivity.


Real-Time Insights Improve Workforce Safety and Productivity

How can industrial companies increase worker safety and productivity?

To gain a better understanding, Intel conducted an extensive study of industrial workers in manufacturing, energy, public safety, warehouse, field service, and construction sectors.

Study Results

Significant improvements can be made by:

  1. Making workers aware of imminent threats (e.g., toxins, weather risks, ambient conditions)
  2. Increasing worker awareness of man-down situations
  3. Ensuring organizations know where workers are at all times
  4. Giving workers access to near real-time information

Solution: Connected Worker

What’s needed is a robust communication link between workers and remote operation centers to share vital sensor data about the work environment. This is possible with the Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution*, which employs Intel Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The solution brings near real-time insight to workers on the job.

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