5 Steps To Success: A Proven, Cost Effective Data-Driven Manufacturing Strategy

Memex Inc.
    Do you really know what's going on with all your equipment all the time? Does everyone agree on what that data means? Are you interested in Data-Driven Manufacturing solutions that use real-time machine data? Are you aware of how an extensible machine monitoring system can improve efficiency? No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, MEMEX’s 5 Steps to Success with Data-Driven Manufacturing can empower your vision of using your machine data to drive productivity.

    The 5 steps to success is a proven, cost effective Data-Driven Manufacturing strategy for monetizing real-time shop floor data using 5 steps:
    • Connect: Connect your manufacturing assets (old and new) to your business systems and automatically collect machine data in real time
    • Visualize: Receive and share real-time data and metrics on all levels which, based on our experience can enable you to achieve a 6% - 10% productivity increase
    • Analyze: Evaluate the situation based on real-time, automatically collected machine data and determine where there are problems and where improvements can be made
    • Optimize: Make business decisions based on data analytics to enhance productivity, profitability, and efficiency by shifting the emphasis from data collection to value-added continuous improvement activities
    • Monetize: Enjoy a 10% – 50% productivity increase, where a 10% increase in productivity alone will generate a 20% increase in profitability

    If you’re on a team to implement MES, Manufacturing Operations Management, IoT, machine monitoring, Industry 4.0 technology, or have a Digital Transformation Plan see this video NOW to learn more about achieving sustainable operational excellence with the “5 Steps to Success”
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