Data-Driven Manufacturing: Providing foundation for Continuous Improvement initiatives


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Duration: 1 hour

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Manufacturers know that the key to staying in business is to be competitive. But to grow the business and become more successful, manufacturers need to improve their efficiency. One of the most successful means of doing this is to embark on a Continuous Improvement program, which makes small, measurable changes that affect a manufacturer's Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and improve the business' profitability.

In this 50-minute webinar you'll:

• Get an overview of the history of Continuous Improvement and understand how various systems, including Kaizen, Lean, and Six Sigma came into being and relate to each other.

• Learn how Data-Driven Manufacturing provides the necessary support for any Continuous Improvement program.

• Find out what is required to make a Data-Driven Manufacturing implementation successful.

• See how a manufacturer can create a plan and process that will drive a Continuous Improvement initiative.


John Ratray
Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

John Rattray is the Vice President, Business Development and Marketing of MEMEX Inc. With 35 years of experience in the manufacturing, software and automation industry, and nine years at MEMEX as one of its largest shareholders, John is one of the pioneers who led the data-driven manufacturing revolution.

Based on significant customer input from thousands of machine installations, he has helped shape the MERLIN smart manufacturing packaged tool-kit to its current status as a globally recognized, award-winning technology shop floor communications platform for both single and multi-plant enterprise operations. John has also been intimately involved in championing the MTConnect machine connectivity standard now used by MEMEX to ensure that every machine, old or new, can take advantage of innovations in connectivity, efficiency and profitability from the shop floor to the top floor