Merging Legacy Equipment with the IIoT

In this white paper learn how to collect and optimize data from legacy machines.

Legacy machines produce vital data—but gathering and integrating that data into an Internet of Things (IoT) platform can be extremely challenging. Many of the machines on today’s plant floor weren’t built with data accessibility in mind. In fact, due to legacy security features, some older tools were even designed to prevent the very data collection that smart manufacturing relies upon. But with today’s future-focused factory, data gaps can be a major pitfall to optimizing factory productivity and competitiveness.

PTC Product Manager Jeff Bates has helped countless manufacturers integrate their legacy data with their IoT initiatives. His new white paper, "Merging Legacy Equipment with the Industrial Internet of Things: Three Approaches for Integrated Data,” explores best practices and proven approaches for optimizing legacy machines by making their data more IoT-accessible.

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