How to Optimize Production with Flexible Tools for Planning & Scheduling

SBS Corp


Date: Thursday, August 13, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

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2-Part Webinar Series presented by SBS Corp together with partners Dassault Systemes and Engineering USA

How to Optimize Production with Flexible Tools for Planning & Scheduling

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) remains a high-level concept to many manufacturers today, one too complex and colossal to tackle. Medium and smaller-size manufacturers also don't have the resources or budgets to take on and maintain full-scale enterprise systems. They want to start small, stay lean and use standardized software solutions that meet their needs but are also flexible enough for future developments.

The Problem Statement:
The first step to optimal MOM is flexible operations. Flexible operations rely on a flexible production plan and schedule. You must be able to react to unexpected changes intelligently and adjust your production plan quickly in order to minimize lead times, satisfy customers and optimize throughput at the same time. This is always important, but more than ever during uncertain times. The health crisis has shown how changes in demand and supply can throw the industrial sector into chaos. With the right planning and scheduling tools in place, modern manufacturers can gain the visibility and control they need to 1. understand what is happening and 2. adjust operations in order to optimize production.

The Solution with DELMIA Ortems:
  • Production planning vs. scheduling.
  • Setup time minimization.
  • Hitting delivery dates.
  • Constraint management (resources, processes, calendars).
  • Material management and accurate inventory level projection.
  • Scheduling machine repair.
  • "What if" analysis for better decision-making.

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Christoph Grauer
Managing Partner, PLM & Manufacturing Operations Practice
SBS Corp

Mr. Grauer has over 12 years of experience in the enterprise IT consulting space, with particular experitse covering the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) domains. In addition to designing and leading the execution of many end-to-end enterprise IT and business transformation implementation projects for customers worldwide, Mr. Grauer has also taken on a leadership role in Technology Sales for SBS Corp, hoping to leverage his own technical and delivery background to present the real value of digitalization to organizations across different sectors. One of his most noteworthy successes was leading the planning and implemetation of Boeing Company’s 2nd Century Enterprise MOM program together with software giant and partner Dassault Systèmes

Saurav Ganguly
Senior Director, NAM Customer Process Experience
Dassault Systemes

A true industry veteran, Saurav has more than 30 years experience in the design, development, sales and implementation of end-to-end enterprise solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). He has been with Dassault Systemes for over 22 years, working in R&D as a Product Manager, in Professional Services as a Technical Manager, Services Director and Vice President for the Americas, and is currently a senior director leading Dassault’s North American digital manufacturing partner sales group. As part of the original Apriso development team, he not only remains a technical expert in all tools for Industry 4.0, but also boasts experience leading the delivery of some of the largest Apriso MES deployments in the Americas. Prior to Dassault Systemes , Saurav worked for a number of different system integrators specializing in ERP solutions based on Oracle’s e-Business software suite.

Marco Lentini
Practice Manager, Supply Chain Management
Engineering USA

Based out of Chicago, Marco is the head of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Practice at Engineering USA. Most of his career has been spent delivering Sales & Operations Planning projects to manufacturers of all shapes, sizes and across all industrial sectors. His expertise covers everything from demand forecasting, to inventory and capacity planning, to detailed scheduling. In the last 15 years, he has led implementations all around the world, helping manufacturers leverage cutting-edge technology platforms to optimize processes and overcome their greatest challenges on the production floor.

Prasanna Suresh
Solution Architect, Manufacturing Operations Management
SBS Corp

Based out of Houston, Prasanna is a solution architect for SBS Corp’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) technology portfolios. With a strong technical and business process background, Mr. Suresh thoroughly understands Dassault’s DELMIA line of products and how they fit within the larger world of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). With 5+ years of experience in enterprise implementations, Mr. Suresh knows how to deliver what the client needs in terms of systems as well as the closed-loop integrations between them. Although his strongest expertise lies in detailed scheduling and advanced planning, he boasts a broad understanding of industrial IT and has been working with different ERP, MOM and PLM tools throughout his career. Mr. Suresh is part of the team that created MDSLite.

Sai Santosh Reddy
Solution Architect, Manufacturing Operations Management
SBS Corp

A technical expert in all things MOM, Mr. Santosh has a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering and a Master’s degree in Data Analytics with a specialization in Statistical Data Modeling. With over 4 years of experience in the enterprise IT consulting space, Mr. Santosh has had particularly strong exposure to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), both from the architecture development and implementation sides. Within the Industry 4.0 space, he focuses on solutions for production monitoring and execution, quality planning and execution, detailed scheduling and sequencing, as well as ERP interfacing utilizing a thorough understanding of available technology, tools and designs that meet functional requirements.

Manoj Gajkeshwar
Partner Sales Manager - DELMIA
Dassault Systemes

Based out of Troy, Michigan, Manoj is the head of partner sales in North America for Dassault Systemes’ DELMIA product portfolio, a leading industrial operations software suite designed for digital manufacturing and manufacturing simulation. Most of his 22+ year career has been spent leading multi-site Manufacturing Operations Managment (MOM) and Product Configuration Management solution implementations for global customers. His product expertise covers the full spectrum of MOM, plant floor automation, production monitoring, quality control, warehouse to supply capacity planning and detailed scheduling. His goal is to provide the knowledge and resources manufacturing organizations need to leverage agile technology solutions in order to optimize processes, increase productivity and overcome their greatest business challenges.