The Digital Twin for Virtual Validation of the “As-manufactured” vs. the “As-designed”


Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

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While modern CAE simulation can predict the behavior of advanced designs with accuracy and precision, parts resulting from the actual, physical manufacturing process rarely exactly match the nominal design and in many cases will even exceed predefined tolerances. Competitive forces apply a constant pressure to get parts to market and firms can ill afford to toss entire batches of parts or reconfigure manufacturing lines on tight deadlines. With Simcenter 3D, scan data of real world parts can be used to update “as-designed” CAD and CAE models to match their “as-manufactured” reality, providing valuable performance predictions that can determine whether parts truly need to be repaired or scrapped, or whether parts can move on to physical test despite defects.

In this session, you will see:

  • Open environment supporting neutral and 3rd party formats for both CAD and CAE
  • Positioning and reverse engineering and repair of faceted scan/point cloud data
  • Advanced morphing of CAD geometry to match form and fit of scan
    • Automatic mid-surfacing of complex geometry
    • Advanced morphing of CAE finite element model to scan shape
    • Results post-processing to compare predicted “as-designed” and “as-manufactured” behavior

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Keith Moss
Portfolio Development Executive
Siemens PLM Software

Keith Moss is a Portfolio Development Executive for Siemens PLM, supporting Simcenter solutions. Keith holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and the University of Iowa, and has extensive background in simulation with roles in development, consulting, and application support across various CAE disciplines such as Multibody Dynamics, NVH, Acoustics, and Durability solutions from LMS International and now Siemens PLM Software, all over the past 25 years.

Jeff Blanford
Application Engineer
Siemens PLM Software

At Siemens PLM Software, Jeff Blanford is an application engineer in support of the Simcenter 3D solution for Multiphysics for which he provides technical demonstration, support, and expertise across multiple disciplines and industries. His recent efforts supporting manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries have led to the development of a number of modeling and simulation techniques specifically tailored to solving the challenges reconciling "as-designed" and "as-manufactured" Digital Twin models.