Robots: Your Key to Employee Retention


Date: Wednesday, March 02, 2022
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

It’s common knowledge that robots help manufacturers be more efficient and competitive, but robots also provide big benefits to people. When robots take over the dull, repetitive and exhausting work, people report higher job satisfaction and better health. Steve Alexander from Acieta will discuss examples of manufacturers who have implemented robotics—and how it benefited their employees. Learn how improving the work environment helps manufacturers attract and retain good workers in the midst of a global labor crisis.

  1. Learn how employee retention and job satisfaction can improve as a result of implementing robotics.
  2. How to create more rewarding and higher paying jobs for your employees.
  3. Discuss how improving overall footprint of your shop floor can create a safer and more productive employee.

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Steve Alexander
Vice President of Operations

Utilizing his vast experience with machine tool and robotics technologies, Steve has spent 20 years helping manufacturers thrive in a competitive global economy. Steve enjoys the hands-on experience of helping companies solve challenges with robotic automation and machine tools.
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