The Technology to Tackle for the Highest Quality/Performance Cutting Tools


Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

Cutting tools, especially endmills have evolved and most modern machine shops are chasing high quality and high-performance tools to remove metal with speed, maintain accuracy, and ensure long tool life. These benefits save cycle time and machining costs, leading to increasing profits.

ANCA has developed the technology to differentiate between standard and high-performance cutting tools through design software and surface finish quality. Geometry is a huge factor in endmill performance and there are several options and methods in ANCA’s Toolroom software to design the ideal cutting tool for any type of industry or material such as aerospace, die mold, power generation, and more. The recent introduction of the MX7 ULTRA with nanometer axis resolution and new servo control algorithm combined with LaserUltra can manufacture large volumes of endmills and other cutting tools of the highest accuracy and quality.

Learn more about:

  • Why ANCA designed and developed the MX7 ULTRA Machine
  • The problem or customer issues this type of system is addressing
  • The technology used by ANCA to achieve the outcome from ULTRA
  • How does customers benefit from the ULTRA or what are the benefits
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      Thomson Mathew
      MX & Software Product Manager
      ANCA Inc.

      Thomson Mathew is ANCA’s lead software expert and works currently as Software and MX Product Manager. Starting his career at ANCA in 1997, he worked hand in hand with customers in all regions as application engineer to find solutions and test the limits of the ANCA’s software products to design & grind the best tools in the market. From there he led the research and development team to design and test our ground-breaking laser Plus, P-axis, and various software products like ToolRoom, ToolDraft, Management suite and CIM3D releases amongst others. Looking to help our customers maximize on their investment in ANCA technology, Thomson is the ‘go to’ person globally to glean insight and advice on the most advanced software trends and applications.
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