How To Metal Finish Iron & Steel With Virtually Zero Water Consumption.

Is 63,000 gallons of rinse water a month worth saving? That’s the average water consumed by a 100 gallon Black Oxide metal finishing line each and every month. Multiply monthly water consumption 63,000 gallons x 12 months = 756,000 gallons used per year – that’s tremendous amount of water.

How can machine shops and manufacturing facilities be optimized to conserve water when using Black Oxide metal finishing? That’s a challenge being posed to manufacturers in today’s rapidly changing manufacturing environment. To address this problem, BIRCHWOOD TECHNOLOGIES has devised water treatment systems, called the NEAR-ZERO™ Water Recycler and Ion Exchange System, to eliminate or dramatically reduce the overall water Consumption.

You'll Learn:

  • Metal finishing with virtually ZERO water consumption
  • Save an average of 756,000 gallons of water per year
  • Ideal for Iron and Steel metal finishing

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