The Advantages of Accurate 3D Scanners

You're invited to experience the ATOS Q , the latest innovation in blue light 3D scanning technology. Bringing the next generation of metrology-grade in accurate and portable 3D scanners, the ATOS Q provides high-precision measurement results with the unmatched quality you expect from an ATOS - and we want you to see it for yourself.


  • Interviews - Hear What Everyone is Saying
  • Unboxing and Set-Up
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Q&A Session

During this event we'll demonstrate how the ATOS Q can be configured to meet the diverse needs of applications from reverse engineering to quality control. Also, learn about the latest comprehensive GOM Inspect Suite software for intuitive dimensional inspection. Join us for this exclusive live stream!

Find out why companies are calling ATOS their competitive advantage, and why they've dubbed the ATOS Q a breakthrough in quality, price, and performance for portable 3D scanners. Listen to engineering experts from industry-leading companies describe how they've leveraged ATOS to solve quality issues, improved their company's manufacturing processes, and moved their career to the next level.

Industry-leading companies use ATOS technology and software for product development, quality control, manufacturing, and production. Its rapid high-resolution 3D data collection enables quick problem solving and unlocks new levels of quality. Learn how ATOS empowers companies to create better processes with better data.

If staying on the cutting edge of quality matters to you, you won't want to miss this chance to get to know the ATOS Q up close and personal.

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