Designing Fixtures for Automation


Date: Thursday, October 14, 2021
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

In this joint webinar, engineers from Carr Lane Manufacturing and ROEMHELD North America will take an in-depth look at designing fixtures for automation and the requirements needed to do so effectively.

  • Pre-Clamping Techniques
  • Part Sensing
  • Clamping and Position Monitoring

When designing a fixture for automation, the first step is to locate your part. This is a critical step as you need to know where your part is in 3D space in order to accurately perform desired operations. If a workpiece is not properly loaded several issues can result. This may also cause your automated production line to go down, which could have a significant financial impact. Automating fixture loading requires not only feedback of the part position but also feedback of the clamp position. Increase throughput and decrease costs knowing the position of the clamp prevents your robot from crashing into the clamp during change-over.

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Josh Herschbach
Product Manager
Carr Lane Manufacturing

Josh Herschbach, Product Manager, has been a critical part of Carr Lane Mfg.’s engineering team over the last six years; helping provide innovation and product solutions to customers.

David Vilcek
Product Engineering Manager
ROEMHELD North America

David Vilcek, Product Engineering Manager, has over 14 years of experience at ROEMHELD North America as a leader in Power Workholding technology; his skills extend past his technical knowledge and understanding making him an excellent resource for customers in the field.
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