Teaming with a Tier 1 Supplier to Meet OEM Aircraft Manufacturer Guidelines

In the aerospace supply chain, a Tier 1 company directly supplies to the OEM (Aircraft manufacturer). The Tier 1 company is in charge of the design, manufacture and integration of a complete system or subsystem for the OEM. Traditionally the OEM consult all the recognized Tier 1 for each specific system to challenge them for competitive innovative solutions. To work with these large OEMs requires sponsorship from a Tier 1 supplier.

Castrol teamed up with Fort Walton Machining (FWM), a Tier 1 supplier, to pilot test a next-generation metalworking fluid created specifically for the aerospace industry. Castrol® Hysol ® SL 45 XBB is a soluble cutting fluid designed for grinding, milling, turning, drilling, reaming, tapping and broaching a range of aluminum and titanium alloys, and is suitable for machining ferrous alloys.

Upon implementing Hysol ® SL 45 XBB, this Tier 1 supplier observed a 60-80% increase in equipment life and less emulsification in their tanks, all without the use of chloride and biocide-containing additives, which is a positive for safety and environmental compliance.

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