Shorten Training Time and Improve Quality with Digital Work Instructions


Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

During this webinar, Dover manufacturing engineers, training leaders and executives will share their manufacturing challenges and how they successfully use ISO-compliant digital work instructions combined with hands-on 3D training software to address them.

Today’s frontline workforce is essential to modern manufacturing operations, with people performing 72% of factory work. But today’s workforce only stays with their employer for an average of 2.8 years. In the industrial sector, it’s even shorter resulting in less time to onboard, less time to train, and less time to capture worker’s knowledge and improve upon existing skills. And with rising retirement rates, industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled labor on the frontline workforce that puts managers in a constant game of catch-up, backfilling positions, and spending valuable time and resources to train new hires. This means that the traditional ways of passing down knowledge via 1-on-1 training are no longer viable. There simply aren’t enough senior employees to train and mentor new hires.

Traditionally, training is separate from work instruction. Combining hands-on 3D training into ISO-compliant digital work instructions is one of the best ways to help frontline employees because it accelerates time-to-competency and allows for easier upskilling. It enables manufacturers to hire and train faster and scale up training programs, avoiding the bottleneck that traditional training methods present.

During this webinar, you’ll take away the following:

  • How Managers at Dover are addressing the needs of the underserved frontline worker
  • Actionable insight from Dover manufacturing engineers and trainers on how digital work instruction combined with 3D training tools make learning tasks faster and better
  • How 3D learning can reduce errors and rework
  • How you can transform your existing CAD models into effective training instructions

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Aaron Smith
Vice President, Solutions Engineering
CDS Visual

A dynamic leader whose career in software and high-tech spans three decades, Aaron Smith is responsible for the marketing and solution execution of the CDS Visual strategic vision.With a wealth of cross-functional experience and deep operational expertise across both small and large companies, Aaron specializes in helping Industrial Manufacturers leverage the power of visualization to drive sustained growth and high-impact results.

Prior to joining CDS Visual, Aaron was a solution engineer at Vistagy, where he led customer-facing sales activities and customer support.

He has also served as a product manager at PTC for the Windchill PLM product, as a support engineer at InPart, which was acquired by PTC, and as a Mechanical Engineer at Applied Materials in the Ion Implant division.

Aaron is active in coaching youth soccer and volunteers for a non-profit organization in San Jose.

Brandon Hamby
Manufacturing Global Training Manager

Brandon spent 7 years as a Technology Education teacher in the Virginia Public School System. He taught courses in Engineering, Robotics, Electronics, Construction and Material Science to students ages 15-18. After making the decision to transition to corporate learning and development, Brandon became the Technical Training Coordinator for STIHL Inc. He spent four years creating and implementing development programs for their manufacturing and engineering employees. In 2022 Brandon became the Global Training Manager for Belvac Production Machinery in Lynchburg, VA. He now supports all of Belvac’s talent and organizational development initiatives globally.
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