Additive Manufacturing - Where to Start

While Additive Manufacturing is rapidly evolving and space continues to mature and move past innovative prototyping and quickly towards production-ready manufacturing, many enterprises continue to have difficulty expanding beyond Additive Manufacturing basics and are not sure where to begin. Our new whitepaper Additive Manufacturing - Where to Start leverages key learnings and insights from the more successful Additive Manufacturing starts we have seen take shape and develop into enterprise programs, pulled from our experiences working across many industries, with organizations of all sizes.

The challenge many companies face is that they either become stalled on R & D driven pilot programs that fail to expand, or they never realize the power of Additive Manufacturing beyond improving the product and process design. The solution is to move from one-off department-driven initiatives and create an enterprise-wide foundation. With the foundation in place, companies are considerably more likely to develop a value-added Additive Manufacturing program that will continue to grow, evolve and ultimately thrive.

Additive Manufacturing offers the possibility of:

  • Improved innovation
  • Lean operations
  • Increased sustainability
  • More efficient customization
  • Stronger value chain
  • Optimized products

All of these benefits help enterprises more effectively compete in today's experience economy.

Additive Manufacturing - Where to Start is your Additive Manufacturing road map. It illustrates the critical need for purposeful digital continuity and organizational buy-in that are required to realize the benefits of Additive Manufacturing.

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