An End-to-End Additive Manufacturing Journey Told Through the Dassault Systèmes Solutions Portfolio


Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

Watch this SME hosted webinar with Dassault Systèmes as we share an end-to-end additive manufacturing story featuring a hydraulic manifold.

We will begin by discussing our initial efforts to optimize this part, around a number of different constraints, for flow and weight. Extending further, we will cover a range of Dassault Systèmes solutions around simulation, manufacturing, marketplaces and marketing.

You will see how we can apply Flow Driven Generative Design to a new, innovative, scalable solution in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with these key benefits:

  • Find and explore design proposals within a principal design space
  • Improve an existing design that still contains recirculation
  • Re-use optimization setup to validate design proposal

Once optimized for flow, we will introduce Cognitive Augmented Design to see how Engineers can create products that meet new demands - reducing weight, cost and material usage and maintaining or increasing strength, stability and safety.

As we move beyond design, we will explore best practices around simulation and manufacturing for additive manufacturing.

We’ll also share how you can leverage our 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace to find a rich ecosystem of industrial service providers to order your part from.

We will conclude with a showcase describing how to our solutions are enabling customers to create rich 3D Product Manuals as the part makes its way to the end user.

In addition, our team looks forward to extending the conversation further. We are excited to be onsite at RAPID 2021 in Chicago.

Colin Swearingen
CATIA Industry Process Consultant
Dassault Systèmes

Colin Swearingen is a generative design expert at Dassault Systèmes specializing in design for Additive Manufacturing. Colin has leveraged his knowledge and expertise to serve a variety of industries including Aerospace and Defense, Transportation and Mobility, Life Sciences, and many others. Colin has been with Dassault Systèmes for the past 5 years after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology focused on Aerospace Engineering.
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