The Real Cost of Falls and Other Workplace Injuries

There is one thing for certain when it comes to workplace falls and accidents: inattention to problematic situations and the lack of an appropriate safety plan will cost you on multiple fronts. From dips in productivity and federal workplace violations to the slew of negative effects associated with lowered morale, the downside of a dangerous workplace environment can hobble even the best-run businesses. Even if your place of business appears to be in great overall condition, it's always worth going through potentially harmful scenarios to avoid dicey situations in the future. Here's our guide to help you ensure that you're covering all your bases when it comes to workplace falls and injuries.

  • Understanding and avoiding OSHA violations.
  • The impact of workplace injuries on premiums.
  • Lowered productivity and morale.
  • Other costs to consider.
  • Preventing injuries, PPE and final thoughts.

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