Improving Automotive Manufacturing Operations Through Reduced Energy and Water Consumption


Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

10% of the world’s energy usage is pumping. Optimizing processes and applications moving water or fluids in your automotive manufacturing operation can save 30-40% on energy costs and help achieve sustainability, CO2, and energy goals.

Grundfos experts will share opportunities within your automotive manufacturing operation to identify, measure, and significantly improve energy and water consumption. Through continuous monitoring solutions, the webinar will also share how you can reduce downtime with predictive maintenance, including case stories and examples from around the globe.

Key topics:

  • Identifying your operation’s opportunities for energy and cost savings
  • Measure energy and water consumption across applications
  • Actionable insights for improving processes moving fluids and water
  • Case stories with real-life examples of energy and cost savings through optimization

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Matt Carroll
Lead Key Account Manager, Americas Mobility
Grundfos Pump Corporation

Matt Carroll is the Lead Key Account Manager for Grundfos Mobility – U.S. with over 12 years of direct experience in automotive and aerospace pump applications. He specializes in helping end users, OEMs, and contractors with optimizing energy usage and reaching future sustainability goals using new pump technologies and innovations.

Zach Castilleja
Technical Key Account Manager, Americas Mobility
Grundfos Pump Corporation

Zach Castilleja is a Technical Key Account Manager for Grundfos Mobility with a decade of experience in the manufacturing and pumping industry. Zach specializes with his knowledge of in-line multi-stage pumps, end suction pumps, chemical dosing pumps, and their applications.
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