Pathways into High-Tech Jobs of the Future


Date: Thursday, September 14, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

Viewers will hear about exciting high-tech careers and the different pathways our three participants took through the Manufacturing USA ecosystem. Their stories are inspirational yet relatable: one who turned her sci-fi interests into a career as a robotics instructor; one who builds cybersecurity careers by day and decadent desserts on the weekend; and another who saw the massive potential in biomanufacturing. They will share their passion and knowledge about jobs for the future in advanced manufacturing.

Viewers will:

  • Learn how to align your passions and interests with key job skills
  • Hear about the wide range of job types in the advanced manufacturing industry
  • Learn how to get started on a path to an exciting career
  • Have a chance to ask our Modern Makers questions

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Fatima Majid
LIFT Talent Programs

Fatima is the robotics operations instructor for LIFT (Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow). Her work includes training for virtual welding units, pneumatic equipment, advanced manufacturing robotics like the FANUC blacksmithing robot, and the computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting and drilling machines. She thrives on breaking down the notion that robotics has to be intimidating and by showing students how anyone can work with robotics and in advanced manufacturing.

John Kreckel
Director of Membership and Workforce Development
REMADE Institute

John connects Institute members with research activities and coordinates training for their workforce. He also convenes innovators and stakeholders from a variety of private sector companies, industry organizations, and universities to develop and refine technologies that can cut emissions and drive profitability. The REMADE ecosystem is driven to find efficient processes that reuse materials and products to shift from a linear economy where everything is “make, use, and throw away” to a new circular system of “make and reuse.”

Kim Lemay
Operations Support Specialist

Kim is the safety go-to resource at BioFabUSA, the regenerative manufacturing institute. She works at the intersection of science and process development, helping member companies with standard operating procedures, safety data sheets for chemicals, facility guidelines. She views her job as looking out for scientists and other stakeholders, which is a great alignment with her DNA and inclination for cleanliness, structure, and service.
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