Next Level Productivity with Cobot Spot Welding


Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

While other welding technologies have become popular choices for collaborative robots, spot welding has up until now been prohibitive for cobots due to the weight of the weld gun and the complexity of the welds. With the new i5s resistance spot welder, Pro Spot has developed a lightweight solution, delivering 2-3x more manufacturing capacity than manual spot welding. Join Rafael Mancilla, Business Development Manager from Universal Robots and Bob Hamilton, Chief Mechanical Officer from ProSpot International as they discuss the world’s first cobot spot welder. Learn more about deploying cobots for spot welding applications, common product configurations and ROI scenarios, and real-world case studies of spot welding.

Attendees will learn:

  • How deploying collaborative robots results in high-quality, consistent automation
  • The new speed of collaborative robotics – ROI and time to market
  • Real-world case studies of spot welding

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Rafael Mancilla
Business Development Manager
Universal Robots

Rafael Mancilla is Business Development Manager at Universal Robots. He spent 3 years as an application engineer making sure customers in the West region had successful deployments prior to moving into sales. He works daily with partners and customers to vet out and assist in cobot implementation and is a Certified Universal Robots Instructor. Prior to this role, Rafael worked as a controls engineer on power generating systems, and he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, Pomona.

Robert Hamilton
Chief Mechanical Engineer
ProSpot International

Bob Hamilton has been the Chief Mechanical Engineer for the past 10 years at Pro Spot International. During that time, he has been instrumental in developing innovative products for the Automotive Collision Repair Industry. Prior to coming to Pro Spot, Bob applied his engineering talents to design, produce, and deploy many Factory Automation custom and standard equipment solutions in microwelding, reflow soldering, and other hybrid assembly systems. Most recently, Bob's attention has returned to Automation and Industrial Product design and implementation. Bob's unique experiencein joining solutions, robotics and automation, and creative "out of the box" thinking allowed him to lead the team to bring the World's First Cobot Spot Welder to market.
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